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Featured Cats: Aribelle & Shilo
Featured Cat: Gilmore

Aribelle and Shilo are looking for a loving forever home where they can live happily ever after together! Both love to be petted and to crawl all over their foster mom when she sits on the floor with them! They are loving, affectionate, curious and inquisitive cats, a little over one year old, who share a strong bond and need a home together. Aribelle is partially or fully deaf and Shilo has a congenital defect that prevented normal development of one of her eyes, but together they have all their senses! They are living in a private foster home and we can arrange a meeting with an approved adoption application.


Looking for a young adult lap cat? Gilmore's your man! An affectionate young adult cat, about three years old, Gilmore would likely do best in a home where he is the only cat and can have all the attention! He loves to hang out with his foster parents and will take naps on their laps.

Gilmore is living in a foster home and can be seen by appointment with an approved application.


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